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Who Am I?

Hey everyone, welcome to my website! I’m Jamie Orser. I am a passionate musician and drummer, driven by new challenges in our vast musical world. I hail from the small town of Camborne, ON, and reside currently in Ottawa. I love music, hockey, games, and chicken parmesan!

Music From the Beginning

My introduction to music was back around 2009, when I was given a drum set for my birthday. I was exposed too  many different genres of music, mainly through my dad. I played drums along to anything I was listening to at the time, and very quickly began to fall in love with music!

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Graduated with Music Degree 

This love and passion grew quite silently until my grade 12 year, when I was deciding on my next chapter. It became overwhelmingly evident that an education in music was an adventure I’d been yearning since listening to records in the living room with my family, and filling the house with the blissful sound of percussion. I’m now a Carleton University Graduate, in the Bachelor of Music program, with emphasis in performance.

What's Next?

You’re probably here to check out what I’m up to musically, and boy do I have options for you! I’m currently working hard to provide the world with a taste of my creative touch, through my latest Progressive Rock/Metal band “Soundchasing”, my position as a City Representative and Recruiter for “youbloom”, and last but certainly not least, with my long time band and best friends, “The Tackies.” Have a look around, and help support me on my dream to save the world! Or at least, provide the world with life changing music and opportunity.